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voice-over-ipVoice Over IP

Extreme Expertise in Voice Data Convergence, Let Compass Bring Unified Communications to Your Organization Via a State of the Art VoIP Network

Compass Solutions first-class VoIP methodology allows our network architects to consistently deploy VoIP solutions with high service quality, optimal performance and cost savings for our clients.


Let us leverage our technical expertise and extensive knowledge base of best practices to build the ideal VoIP solution specific to your application requirements.

Compass will bring your organization all the benefits of VoIP enterprises:

  • Reduced total cost of network ownership through voice data convergence under a single voice/data network
  • Elimination of point of failures with unified communications: consolidation of accounting systems and combination operations
  • Support for bandwidth-intensive applications (i.e. multimedia and multi-service)
  • Optimal VoIP performance with enforceable bandwidth and latency guarantees (with Compass Policy-based Quality of Service guarantees)
  • Lower telecommunication costs 
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