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passPASS - Project-Based Augmentation and Staffing Support

Let Compass Be Your Ultimate Staff Augmentation Partner… Experience PASS, Our Premiere Employee Recruiting Methodology

PASS is our unique 5-step methodology for identifying, recruiting, engaging, matching the right candidate to the right opportunity and creating a win-win for both the client and the employee.


Identification of Technical and Non-Technical Skills


Our recruiting process starts with a full understanding of the client’s requirements. We parse the requirement to identify technical and non-technical skills required, as well as desired and complementary skills.


Selective Recruitment


Based on the requirements matrix we create from this phase, we source the ideal candidates in the top 3 ways:

  • Compass Akken Database – an online interactive database of resumes
  • Employee Referral - our employees are a strong source for recruiting new employees with similar backgrounds.
  • Competitive Review – we perform an intensive review of the top talents of our competitors and use that as a model

Employee Retention is Important to Us

Compass Solutions has a well thought-process for employee retention that combines due diligence in the selection process with an ongoing engagement process that motivates and rewards employees to remain in our employ:


Rigorous Selection

  • Selection process entails identification of the technical, functional, environmental and temperamental fit of the candidate
  • Compass contracted Korn Investigations, Inc. to conduct background checks that include criminal and credential, education and credit checks 

Employee Engagement

  • On-going Training and Development - we invest $2500 annually for each employee
  • Dual Career Paths (technical and management) - Subject Matter Experts are recognized and rewarded as much as Project Managers
  • Milestone Rewards - employees are rewarded when reaching key milestones in their project assignment
  • Minimal Bench Period - we work diligently to reduce the amount of time between assignments
  • Competitive benefits package - we offer Blue Cross health insurance, life and disability insurance, paid time-off, retirement plans and tuition reimbursement
  • Semi-Annual Performance Reviews - we conduct full performance reviews of employees with client input

Our Clients Are Always Covered


Compass Solutions maintains its bench strength for each project engagement to ensure clients are always covered regardless of unexpected circumstances.


At the end of each engagement, Compass ensures proper knowledge of transfer, to ensure client can sustain the success established by our assigned employee


Featured PASS Successes:

  • A local government client wanted a Data Base Administrator to support a Mapping Project. We investigated the larger requirement and provided a certified Oracle DBA with GIS and Spatial expertise in a local government environment.
  • A banking client wanted augmentation support for its Voice Over IP implementation. We provided a VOIP subject matter expert with strong IP implementation experience in a retail-banking environment.
  • A regional wireless service provider required staff augmentation in building a network management system. We provided a 20-year veteran of network management systems for wireless and billing systems. 

The bottom-line benefit of PASS to our clients is that they obtain a member of their staff who will immediately become productive with minimal training. Compass Solutions’ PASS saves money, time and creates efficiencies.

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